Sunday, November 30, 2008


I had a cashier that was intelectually deficiant, so it was extremly agervating. we had to void it all and rering it.

I also couldnt find and or didnt remember some of the food deals. which makes me mad now. Cause I really needed the frosting and such. :(

OH and there had been a few couponers there before me. There was ONE gillette bodywash, I had to climb on a shelf to get a second ziplock container, there was NO endust, and quite a few other things were gone too. :(

Mine included:
(2 transactions on the foil, gauze and oust MIL was with me and wanted some too.)

5 barbies (2.99 each)
3 5pks of matchbox cars (2.99 each)
Uno cards (2.99)
4 Ivory Soap
Caress BW
Dove BW
Gillette bodywash (FREE)
Suave Lotion
2 Pkg emory boards (FREE)
my MIL threw in a flippin keychain with lipgloss cause it was cute...
2 Colgate kids
2 Kotex
2 Edge Eclipse (FREE)
3 shave gel (FREE)
Sauve deoderant
Dove Shampoo
Dove Shampoo
package of Tylonal (FREE) (not in the picture, I needed it as soon as I got into the truck)
2 halls cough drops
5 Non Stick gauze pads (FREE)
medical tape (FREE)
2 Steri pads (FREE)
ace sports tape
7 foils (75sq feet)
Pedigree dog treats
2 gallon ziploc bags
2 ziploc containers
4 temptations cat treats
2 beggin strips
5 oust (FREE)
4 pounce cat treats (FREE)
glade carpet smell good stuff (FREE)
Breeze Pellets
Breeze pads ( this coupon was for 1.00 off if you buy both. SO, I paid ALOT for them, but 2.00 off the both of them was better than nothing)
Cat food
Brownies (no coupons.. :( )

I had a gift card for 27.02 and that almost took care of the barbies and cars and cards. (they are not in the picture cause I sent them to my MIL's to hide them)

My total was 227.21 and I paid 55.60 OOP.

For a savings of 171.61

Here is the picture of it all, well except the afore mentioned toys.

and here is a picture of my son trying to steal some ivory to eat. Dont ask me why, but every time he finds a bar of Ivory he tries to eat it...

Monday, November 24, 2008

2 great shops that I cant not brag about.

Okay, I know this blog is going to start with my January savings. BUT these two brags are SOOO good, I cant help but preen. :)

The first is during a buy one get one free sale at Kmart for Max Factor make up.
Kmart is an hour drive for me, so I never shop there. BUT luckily BR needed something from Academy and offered to take me for this great deal he had heard me talking about.

I bought:

blush 8.99
blush 8.99
lipstick 10.99
lipstick 10.99
foundation 9.99
foundation 9.99
powder 8.99
powder 8.99
lipcolor 8.99
lipcolor 8.99
lipfinity lipcolor 8.99
lipfininty lipcolor 8.99
mascera 8.79
mascera 8.79
mascera 8.79
mascera 8.79
foundation 6.99
foundation 6.99
Eyeshadow 5.99
Eyeshadow 5.99

The total on the makeup was 177.50. Then I gave them my BOGO max factor coupons. When we were done, they owed me all 20 peices of makeup, AND $2.15. Now Kmart doenst give you overage, and of course BR had found SOMTHING he wanted, so we threw on a Coyote call that was 8.99 and I gave them a little over 6 bucks and walked out.
kmart savings was 88.20
my coupon savings was 89.30
Thats a savings of over 179.65

The next was at walgreens.
They had their Schick quatro disposable razor packs (there are 3 or 4 in each pack, depending on if there is a bonus pack) on sale for 5.99. I didnt realize that I got one that was 8.29 until looking at the reciept.

So I got
Schick quattro 8.29
Schick Quattro 5.99 (reg 8.99)
Schick Quattro 5.99 (reg 8.99)
Schick Quattro 5.99 (reg 8.99)
ALmay Mascera 6.99
ALmay Mascera 6.99

Unfortunatly, BR needed some baby powder for work, soooo I had to buy that. HE ALWAYS screws up my 'walking out of the store for FREE's....
WLG baby powder 3.29

Like I said they had the sale of 3.00 off. Then they had a coupon for 3 more dollars off. making them 2.99 so take off 12.00.

I had coupons for BOGO on schitck razors, so I handed those over.
She took off 8.29 and 5.99

also, the almay mascera was a BOGO with a coupon in that weeks walgreens sales paper with the instore coupon.
So she took off another 6.99.

This brough my total to 11.11
thats walgreens advertised savings of 15.89
Manufacture coupon savings of 26.28
for a total of 42.17
so I got 53.28 worth of stuff for $11.11.

Not bad right?
well I am NOT done.
Come to find out, there is also a 6.99 rebate on the almay mascera in their easy saver book for that month its one of their FAR items (Free after Rebate). SO, I go to, enter my reciept number and since I choose to put it on a gift card, they add 10% in addition to the rebate.

So, I will get back the 6.99 that I actually SPENT on the mascera to get both of them. PLUS 10%. thats ... 7.68 if I am not mistaken.

so, my out of pocket was 11.11 and you take away the 7.68 that I am getting back and that is $3.43 and you remember that BR just had to have the baby powder which was $3.29.
I should have paid NOTHING. at all. It should have been a 'free' shop.

SO my new totals are
53.28 worth of stuff, for a total of 3.29. thats a savings of 49.99!!