Sunday, November 30, 2008


I had a cashier that was intelectually deficiant, so it was extremly agervating. we had to void it all and rering it.

I also couldnt find and or didnt remember some of the food deals. which makes me mad now. Cause I really needed the frosting and such. :(

OH and there had been a few couponers there before me. There was ONE gillette bodywash, I had to climb on a shelf to get a second ziplock container, there was NO endust, and quite a few other things were gone too. :(

Mine included:
(2 transactions on the foil, gauze and oust MIL was with me and wanted some too.)

5 barbies (2.99 each)
3 5pks of matchbox cars (2.99 each)
Uno cards (2.99)
4 Ivory Soap
Caress BW
Dove BW
Gillette bodywash (FREE)
Suave Lotion
2 Pkg emory boards (FREE)
my MIL threw in a flippin keychain with lipgloss cause it was cute...
2 Colgate kids
2 Kotex
2 Edge Eclipse (FREE)
3 shave gel (FREE)
Sauve deoderant
Dove Shampoo
Dove Shampoo
package of Tylonal (FREE) (not in the picture, I needed it as soon as I got into the truck)
2 halls cough drops
5 Non Stick gauze pads (FREE)
medical tape (FREE)
2 Steri pads (FREE)
ace sports tape
7 foils (75sq feet)
Pedigree dog treats
2 gallon ziploc bags
2 ziploc containers
4 temptations cat treats
2 beggin strips
5 oust (FREE)
4 pounce cat treats (FREE)
glade carpet smell good stuff (FREE)
Breeze Pellets
Breeze pads ( this coupon was for 1.00 off if you buy both. SO, I paid ALOT for them, but 2.00 off the both of them was better than nothing)
Cat food
Brownies (no coupons.. :( )

I had a gift card for 27.02 and that almost took care of the barbies and cars and cards. (they are not in the picture cause I sent them to my MIL's to hide them)

My total was 227.21 and I paid 55.60 OOP.

For a savings of 171.61

Here is the picture of it all, well except the afore mentioned toys.

and here is a picture of my son trying to steal some ivory to eat. Dont ask me why, but every time he finds a bar of Ivory he tries to eat it...

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