Thursday, January 22, 2009

I finally got a 0.00 balance on a transaction!

Okay, Here is todays.
January 21st.

I think I did decent.

Started At Brookshires. for those of y'all who aint got no brookshires. They are higher than a cats back. But, I just didnt feel like walmart, and they had a few decent deals. Plus they got a monopoly game goin on right now and I am hoping that Murphy will let me win

2 Kraft Shredded Cheese 2.50 ea
2 Milks 3.99 ea
a small velveeta 4.39
6 uncrustables 4pks 2.50 ea
2 Digorno Pizza's 6.79 ea
4 Yogo's gift packs on clearence .79 ea
1 20oz Dr Pepper
1 big thing of quaker oats (the kind you cook) 2.50
4 bxs instant quaker oats 2.50 ea
2 lays wavy chips 2.99 ea
Nabisco Triscut 2.99
1 Lays Ranch dip 3.79
1 planters peanuts 3.79
1 12 pk of chocolate pudding 3.99
1 12 pk of Dr Pepper
Reduced meat, 7.63
reduced meat 1.03
5 invisible tape with dispencer 5/$1.00
Readers digest 3.99
Can Koozie 4.99
2 4lb bags of oranges 1.99 ea
bananas .59c a lb. 2.64
Bg of apples 3.99


coupons 12.50 (including one that was in their flyer, if you buy 5 quaker products they take off 3.00 and since I had 2.00 in coupons for them it ended up being a good deal.)
Then cause I bought the kraft and the Pizza's I got for free:
Triscuts - 2.99
Peanuts 3.79
Dr Pepper 12 pk 4.39
Velveeta CHeese 4.79
total in 'free stuff' 15.46

SO my total was 89.98 OOP
and I will be getting 3.50 back, because the can koozie was on sale for 1.49. I have to go and get my money

Total savings was 27.96

went to wags.

had ORDERED and traded for skippy coupons, IN TIME to get them. They didnt arrive in the mail...

SO, here is my transactions.

6 extra gum 3/.99
8 skippys 15.92 (on sale for 1.99ea)
I only had 7 coupons for .40 cents off ea.

and a 10.00 RR for last weeks pepsi deal.

Total OOP was 6.16

wag savings 25.19
Mfg coupons 13.72
total saved was 38.91
and I got a 10.00 RR back

3 skippys 1.99 ea
5 Ragu 1.99 ea

no coupons
used 10.00 RR from pepsi last week.

total was 5.92 OOP

wag advertised savings 8.08
Mfg coupon saveings 10.00
total savings 18.08
and I got a 10.00 RR back

3rd and last transaction

2 bags tostitos. 2.50 each
3 12 packs MT dew 3.00 each
2 12 packs diet dew

total was 21.63
gave her 10.00 skippy reward
and the other 10.00 skippy reward

total OOP was NOTHING!!

wags advertised savings was 11.43
Mfg was 20.00
total savings was 31.43

and they gave me a 10.00 RR to use next week :) .

88.42 worth of merchandise
adn I spent
12.08 Out of pocket

and everything was FOOD!! that makes it 1000 times better. getting razors for free is great, and I aint gona complain, but getting actual FOOD for free... thats just beyond awesome.

The totals for the day are

Merchandise: 218.44

Saved: 116.38

Total out of pocket: 102.06 Plus I will get back 3.50 of that.. so $98.56

Gosh, already forgetting my resolutions...

Okay, I SUCK at resolutions...

I have made 3 trips to town since I posted last.

Here is Jan 10.

Brookshire Bros.
Homo milk 3.99
uncrustables 4pk 2.50
Pancake Syrup 1.69
luzianne tea 1.77
10lbs Hytop flour 9.89
3 Purnell Sausage 2.77ea
quick sale meat 7.56
8lb oranges 4.99

coupons 2.50
total was 38.22


Now for Wags

More Christmas Bows.. LOL .10
4 garnier fructice 2.99 (sale)
2 GLade Candle refil 2.50 ea (sale)
4 pks 48pc Stayfree maxi 6.99 ea

4 garnier coupons (4.00)
2 BOGO coupons for Stayfree (13.98)
Easy Saver book for 2.00 off each Garnier (8.00)
7 day wags coupon for 3.00 off stayfree (12.00)

Total was 4.91 all on a gift card from last months rebates
wag coupon savings: 12.00
wag advertised savings 3.98
MFG coupon savings 28.48
Total for the day: 44.46
PLUS 4.91
Total 49.37

ALL FREE!! (cause I used the gift card from my rebates)

Total spent for the 10th:

Cash OUT OF POCKET: 38.22
Total Merch took home: 90.09

I also went on the 15th.


2 Apple Juice (great Vaule) 2.27
big bag dog food 10.88
Dr pepper 24 Pk 6.88
2 Tortillas 1.86
National Enq. 3.14
Boneless skinless breasts flash frozen 6.97
20oz Dr Pepper 1.38
sink protector, 3.97 ******
20oz Sprite 1.38
Country Crock butter 2.88
Milk 3.94
8 ind. packages 1lb 94/6 hamburger meat reduced to 2.79 ea
2 ind. packages 3 lb hamburger meat 94/6 for 8.77
Cat food
Family pack drum sticks 6.92
Jar of Jalapinos 1.44
3 Mrs Bairds breads 1.78
1 Mrs Bairds Breads 2.34

Coupons were 6.44. (3.99 for bag of cat food)
Total was 109.22

Not great, but not much you can do in pudunct Texas.

5 Sierra Mists 2liters 1.25 (sale)
5 Mt Dews 3.00 ea (sale)
4 colgate toothpaste (reg size) 2.99 ea
4 walgreens childrens meds 4.99ea
2 Halls breeze 2/$5.00
3 A/FR toothpaste 2.99 (sale)

Coupons were:
BOGO on wags meds. - 4.99
Colgate toothpaste -6.38 (wags selling at 2/2.79)
A/FR toothpaste -6.00 (sellin at 3/$2.00)
Halls breezers -3.02 (was sell 2@.99)

and then I had 4 colgate coupons 1.00 ea
3 .75 cents off aquafresh TP
1.00 off fruit breezers

For a total of 36.26
remember I got 20.00 in Mt Dew Products. so I got a 10.00 RR (but I wont count it today, it will be used next week)

wags coupon savings 9.40
wag advertised savings: 23.53
MFG coupon savings 13.25
total was 46.18

Later I went back and got the pepsi deal again.

5 12 packs 15.00
5 2lieter bottles 5.00.

it was a little over 23.00 with tax.

I got another 10.00 RR. But we wont count that, so it was:

wag advertised savings 11.15

Then I found 2 more colgate coupons in my binder

so I got

Colgate (reg size) 2.99
Colgate (reg Size) 2.99
they were buy one at 2.79 get one free.

and I had 1.50 coupon and a 1.00 coupon.

OOP was .29 cents...

wag coupon savings 3.19
MFG coupon savings 2.50
Total coupons save: 5.69

Total in savings for the 15th 69.46

So thats 238.23 worth of Merchandise for 168.77

and I get 20.00 to spend at wags next week.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jan 6, 2008

Okay, I had to pick up my digital pictures that I had devoloped. so that made my bill WAY too much!!

But, I did get the pictures for 10 cents each. Thats an average of 5 cents off each picture.

So the math on that would be that I saved .5 cents a picture. OR since I got 294 pics INSTEAD of less than 100. I was able to save even more. The prices go up if you get less than 100 pics. Its 19 cents a pic for 99 or less. and they had a coupon for 10 cents a picture. So sometimes it pays to procrastinate... :)

I had to buy diapers, but they were on sale, 5.99 each
I got 2

and this week the elctrisol tabs are are sale for 3.49, I had a 2.50 off coupon, and there is a 1.50 rebate in this months easy saver catalog. SO, I will be making .51 cents off them. (the .51 is NOT counted in the totals for this month. I will add that to the rebates, which will be used to lower the total on another purchase :) )

Wags is selling alot of their makeup on clearence, which means that if you have coupons, you can get a 7.00 lipstick for less than a buck in many cases.

Thats what I did here:
2 almay lipsticks on sale for 1.89 I had 1.00 off coupons for each. so .89 for lipstick

a Loreal HIP stick eyeshadow, it was on sale for 2.59 I had a 2.00 coupon, so I got it for .59 cents.

And Loreal lipstick, was on sale for 2.59. Another 2.00 coupon. and more lipstick for .59 cents.

I had a 1.00 coupon for sunsilk shampoo. Not a great deal, but they had it on clearence, it was regularly over 5.00, but it was on for 2.29. so a regular sized bottle of shampoo for 1.29.

Also, they had their Christmas stuff on for 75% or more off.
I got the cutest hallmark plush penguin on a sled that sings reg 16.95 for 1.99
and I got some light up reindeer horns that are a headband for 1.49 reg 5.99.

BUt then we came to why I really went (aside from the diapers)
This week Walgreens put their Garnier Fructice shampoo and conditioner on sale, for 2.99. Then in their easy saver book was a 2.00 coupon.
This made them .99 each.
I had 4 coupons for 1.00 off.
while I was picking out my shampoos I saw that there were 5 bottles up there with a 1.00 off peelie coupon.
So when you check out you ring them up, give them your MANUFACTER coupon first, then scan the easy saver book, and voila! you have made a penny on each bottle!!

Now, here are my totals,

Remember I spent 33.38 on pictures, so we were already over my weekly allowence for wags.

BUT here you go.

a check was written for 53.03
I am taking out the 33.38 (you already know how well I did on the pictures)
that means for all of the above items, 4 lipsticks, 10 shampoo or conditioners, 2 Christmas items, Electorsal and Diapers, I spent: 19.65

There was
wag/disc savings 14.70 (this was my discount on the pictures)
Advertised savings 49.70
MFG savings 41.50

For a total of 105.80

so 105.80 worth of merchandise for 53.03. If I could remember simple math I could tell you what my % of savings was. But 4 kids have sucked out all the brain cells I needed for anything more than daily living.

Then I went to walmart, this is where I spend way too much money, because there is no savings card, there is no coupons for meat and its never on sale. BR had called me and asked me to pick up some beef. I looked. and to be honest, I couldnt afford it. Freakin FLANK steak was 4.97 a pound. that is a little bit of meat, scraped off the skin with alot of fat thrown in.
THere was only ONE thing there under 4.00 a pound. It was a Eye of ROund roast, for 3.49 a pound. Cost me 21.96. We cut it up into steak sized peices and I made smothered steak.

Plus, I had to get some tote boxes for Christmas decorations, they were 9.00 and then I got 3 for 5.00

I got 2 packages of frozen Burritos, 2.98 each, I had a 1.00 off coupon WYB2.
I got mouse poison. (the reason I have to get totes, I have a mouse in my shed...)
I got BR some of that foam gap filler 4.67
39 Gallon trash bags (he had been told you can put that foam filler in a trash bag, let it expand and dry and it makes an excelent archery target, it didnt work...I think we need differnt foam) 2.97
I found 4 packages of string loops for our bows on clearence from 3.97 to 1.00 so I got them.
Bows Apple Juice 2.27
A large Great Value Sour cream 2.06
4 packages of oversized push pins on clearence from 1.97 to .25
Mrs Bairds Bread 2 of them for 2.88. I keep no less than 4 loaves in the freezer at all times.
Tortilla's 2.18
2 packages of instant potatoes 1.16 each.
Christmas Cookie Cutters, they were 1.88 and I got them for .45
More baseball page inserts for my coupon book, these were 5.77 (NOT a good deal)
5 avacado's. they said they were .68 cents, on sale for .35, so I saved .33 cents each. (1.65 savings) they were 1.75.
A gallon of Great Value milk 3.94
2 cartons of 18 ct eggs, 2.14 each

I had the coupon for the burritos, so that was a buck off, and I had 2 coupons for the free taters. so that was 2 X 1.16 off.

My total was 98.34.
Like I said, not good.
I sure wish we could eat shampoo....

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jan 2, 08 Not a good day. But better than some

Happy NEW YEAR!!!

Today I went to Walgreens and Walmart. I didnt do great, but did semi decent.

I bought a fusion razor, 8.99 minus a 4.00 newspaper coupon= 4.99 and then got a 3.00 Registar Reward on it.

so that was 5.36 out of pocket. (had a gift card with out 7.00 on it from last year. )

My next transaction was a bunch of junk!

10 rolls wrapping paper @3.99 Bought for 5/$1.00.
3 Mountain Dews on sale for 3.64ea
1 Mountain Dew Voltage on sale for 3.64 and with a 3.64 coupon in the paper if you buy 3 other MT Dew products, so it was free)
I got 4 boxes of cards that the prices ranged on- that I paid
1.49 (they were 75% off)
I bought package tags on clearence for .49 (75% off)
and 5 packages of bows, on clearence for .83, .24, .83, .49and .24 (75% off)

Then I used my 3.00 register reward and spent 19.76 out of pocket.

My wags savings were: 69.71 ( I got 39.99 worth of wrapping paper for 2.00)
manufacture coupons were: 6.34 (their own register rewards, and their Free Voltage WYB3 coupon)

for a total of 76.35

Next was walmart. It wasnt as good, but walmart never is. Since I have a limited supply of places to PM it never really pans out.

6 10pks of kids hangers 1.38ea
Breeze cat litter pad 4.73
Enquierer (cause I can) 3.14
Dry buttermilk 2.98
PB cup 8 pk 1.18 (this was an impulse buy, Reeces PB cups. They are now hidde in my room....)
3 Gallons of milk 3.94ea
3 Dr Pepper (2 liter) .88ea
Bking Soda (for laundry detergant) 2.16
2 Pillsbury cake mixes .88 ea
2 pilsbury brownie mixes 1.34ea (coupon for this)
New phone on clearence. Reg 89.98 bought for 50.00.
cat liter 3.68
3 butter cream icing 1.34ea (coupon for this)
GV veg oil (the big one) 6.68
2 MRs Bairds Bread 2.88ea
40lb deer corn 5.47
2 Rotisorie Chicken 4.98ea
a dozen donuts (I was starving) 2.98
Princess beauty kit REg 10.00 Clearance 2.50
2 Chmas Door matt Reg 3.97 Clearence .99ea
4 bxs sticky gifttags (50per) Reg 2.98 Clearence .70ea
2 Chmas tableclothes was 7.88 Clearence 1.25
2 cans of Chmas Dog treats was 10.00 clearence 2.50ea
1 4pk jewerlyboxes was 2.00 clearence .50
Dog toy was 3.00 clearence .50
Dog toy was 1.00 clearence .25
Dog toy was 5.00 clearence 1.00
Dog toy was 5.00 clearence .50
Table cloth was 2.50 clearence .63
2 mens manicure sets was 10.00 clearence 2.50

I had the 4 coupons mentioned above, totaling 2.50
and they charged me 2.98 for some type of "licensephone..." I called them, they said they would take it off next time I came in. ?? They had no clue as to what it was or why I was charged...

BUt I spent 164.52 out of pocket. and saved through coupons and clearence items 124.72.

Granted I didnt NEED the clearence items. well, the dog treats I did. and the wrapping paper will be used, as will the other Christmas decorations and such, BUT all in all today

I spent 189.65
I saved 206.07

Now, I did buy the razor off my wags GC that I got for transfering a script. There was only about 7.00 left on it.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

WHy a blonde should NEVER think on the fly....

Okay, So it was the $5.RR on $25. purchase.
And I didnt even know about it. A friend told me about it, then showed her scenario. So I stole it. Kinda...

So, Yesterday I had less than an hour between Matt's award ceremony and the Funeral I had to go to. So I decided to run by Wags.

My first run I got:

The 3 excederains for 15.00
Nyquil 5.99
Nyquill 5.99
Colgate Toothpaste 2.99

All I had was one 1.00 off coupon for the toothpaste.

I paid

28.97 in cash.

Total savings 9.97

I got back
2.00 RR on the toothpaste
5.00 on the over 25.00 purchase
thats 21.00 back in RR

SO, I turned around and bought:

Reach ultraclean toothbrush 3.00
Another one 3.00
Colgate Total 2.99
Bald guyz gel 4.99
Rimmell Lip liner 3.29
Another one 3.29
6 pencils 1.50
Dentex dental picks 2.99
Another package 2.99
Always infinity 4.99

COupons were:
BOGO toothbrush -3.00
Colgate -1.00
Lipliner on sale (bogo) -3.29
Dentex on sale (bogo) -2.99
pencils -.50
Alwys coupon (prev. RR) -3.00
gve her my
8.00 RR
4.00 RR
5.00 RR
Owed her .12 cents.

Total savings 28.47

THEN, I was running out of time, and had one more order in my basket. Cause My MIL had asked me to bring her and her coworkers a coke before I went to the funeral.

the Glad Bags, 5.99 on sale (80 bags)
Coke CLassic 1.39
2 Dr Peppers 2.35
Reach floss 3.00
Reach floss 3.00
Wags water 24pk 3.99
Wags water 24pk 3.99
Now she had scanned the coupons I had already, so I was trying to do the math She subtotoaled it and it was 21.93 I KNEW I had done 3.00 in coupons. I only needed .07 cents. So I ran and got some gum. I picked up a pack for 1.29 that I like, but a helpful cashier that loves to watch me save said "get the extra, with the coupon it goes to 59 cents!! I cant chew it, but BR can. So I did.
Wrigleys gum 1.19

Coupons used:
Reach floss - 1.00
wags IVC coupon for water 1.00
another one - 1.00
wags gum coupon -.60

Then I gave her:
2.00 colgate RR's
2.00 colgate RR
2.00 colgate RR
5.00 over 25.00 RR

I still had 2 6.00 RR's on the reach, but if I used them I wouldnt get my 6.00 RR from THIS deal. (cant roll RR's on same purchases)

total was now 10.30
gave her my gift card with last months rebates
- 9.89
total out of pocket was 77 cents.
Total savings was
16.38 Plus add in my 9.89 for the GC and it was 26.27 total savings.

Out popped my 6.00 RR and that was it.

SO, I added up everything in my head. I was OVER 25.00.
I was in a hurry and left. Took the cokes to MIL and
THEN I really looked at the reciept. IF you buy 2 sodas the price drops .20 cents.

I had a total of 24.90!! I had forgotten subtotal puts the tax on it, so the .07 was wrong to start with.

I was literly sick to my stomache!! I lost out on 5.00 cause of a .10 cent mistake in MY calculating... Just 6 more pencils, would have cost me a buck, and I would have made 4.00 OR a eyeliner, or SOMETHING!!

OR had I gotten the damn gum I wanted it would have been 10 cents higher.

SO, I screwed myself out of 5.00!!

I left with 64.71 in merchandise
paid 29.86

Still have 12.00 in RR and will get back 5.48 in MIR. But those will count towards another purchase.

I didnt do great, I didnt even do good. But I did do it! LOL

Then today I am sitting in the ER while BR got a IV antibiotic and sorting my coupons. I am bad about taking them out of their pockets and not putting them back, so I decided to take the time to do it while I was waiting on that drip. Plus I had 2 P&G inserts that I needed to cut up and catalog.

In there is 2 1.50 off Nyquill AND a free puffs WYB 2 Nyquills. I could have saved 3.00 AND gotten some free kleenexs!! I am DOUBLE mad now..

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I almost cried

Okay, I know I said this would start in 09. But, I just have to brag. Okay, braggin is a sin. I know this. plus its just plain rude. SO, in light of my blessings, I am going to call it a 'testimonial to coupons!' you too can do this! :) There, I feel a little better... But I am still doing the happy dance. No matter how rude it is..

This is 4 seperate transactions.

At walgreens.

The first:
2 reach toothbrushes (3.00ea)
Reach floss (3.00)
big tube of colgate (on sale for 2.99)
6 holiday pencils.

after coupons: 8.49

total savings (wags savings and mfg coupon) 8.47

and they gave me a 6.00 catalina for the Reach purchase and a 2.00 for the toothpaste.
I used a 1.00 coupon for the toothpaste, making it a penny money maker. and a BOGO coupon for the toothbrushes, plus 1.00 off the floss.

Colgate (again 2.99 minus 1.00 coupon)
13 oz Fruictoise shampoo on sale for 2.39
13 oz conditioner 2.39 on sale
Had a 1.00 coupon for both.
I paid 5.00
They gave me another 2.00 catalina.

Total savings 5.20


13oz fruictose shampoo
13oz fruictose cond.
Revlon Mascera on sale for 3.59
Revlon Mascera
Colgate toothpaste

The REvlon Mascera was BOGO. I had 2.00 coupons for the revlon, and the same 1.00 ones for the toothpaste and hair care.

I paid 4.56 and got back another 2.00 catalina
Total savings 19.59

Now here is the large transaction.
I had a 5.00 off 25.00 coupon.

The glade candles were on sale. I had a few coupons, and well I went to town... :)

5 glade candle bowl things,
8 wisp flameless candles
2 revlon masceras
3 refills for the candle bowl things
Almay lip liner
Quatro Razor
2 Bic Soliel 4 pk refills
2 Revlon lipstick
1 box envelopes
fingernail polish

Now, again all revlon was BOGO, and I bought the ones on clearence, There was a sale on the glade candles, the almay and polish were both on sale, and I had a coupon for everything in my buggy except the envelopes.

The really good deals were the razor refills, they were 2 for 6.99 and I had 2 $3.00 coupons. making them 49 cents each.

I had BOGO coupons for some of the candles. and $ off for all of them. I was able to use both at my store.

When it was all said and done, I gave them 10.00 in Catalinas (if you are doing the math you know I had 12.00, BUT to use the last catalina, which rings up as a coupon, I needed ONE more filler. I didnt have another filler. and it was kinda silly to grab a 99. eye pencil to save 2.00. ?? I will just use it on my next order.)

Are you ready?? I bought in this one transaction, 180.71 worth of things. I paid 6.09 cash. I am serious. I wouldnt lie to you about that.

Here is my pic.

SO- today my totals were:

Total merchandise bought

Paid out of pocket

So my savings with coupons, sales and combining clearence and coupons was:


I will also be getting 1.10 refund on one of the glades. Its a rebate item in the easy savor book this month!

By the time we were working on the last transaction, I had an audience. Seriously. Managers, cashiers, and a few customers. and they were SOOOO nice. They were cheering me on! I kid you not. They were so impressed. and honestly, so was I!!

I dont expect to do this every time, but I will do it as often as I can. and if you are on my Christmas list, Dont look at the picture :)

Oh there is a melty candle missing, along with a refill for it. My beautician was able to work me in on 2 minutes notice and I gave her an early CHristmas present! :)

Sunday, November 30, 2008


I had a cashier that was intelectually deficiant, so it was extremly agervating. we had to void it all and rering it.

I also couldnt find and or didnt remember some of the food deals. which makes me mad now. Cause I really needed the frosting and such. :(

OH and there had been a few couponers there before me. There was ONE gillette bodywash, I had to climb on a shelf to get a second ziplock container, there was NO endust, and quite a few other things were gone too. :(

Mine included:
(2 transactions on the foil, gauze and oust MIL was with me and wanted some too.)

5 barbies (2.99 each)
3 5pks of matchbox cars (2.99 each)
Uno cards (2.99)
4 Ivory Soap
Caress BW
Dove BW
Gillette bodywash (FREE)
Suave Lotion
2 Pkg emory boards (FREE)
my MIL threw in a flippin keychain with lipgloss cause it was cute...
2 Colgate kids
2 Kotex
2 Edge Eclipse (FREE)
3 shave gel (FREE)
Sauve deoderant
Dove Shampoo
Dove Shampoo
package of Tylonal (FREE) (not in the picture, I needed it as soon as I got into the truck)
2 halls cough drops
5 Non Stick gauze pads (FREE)
medical tape (FREE)
2 Steri pads (FREE)
ace sports tape
7 foils (75sq feet)
Pedigree dog treats
2 gallon ziploc bags
2 ziploc containers
4 temptations cat treats
2 beggin strips
5 oust (FREE)
4 pounce cat treats (FREE)
glade carpet smell good stuff (FREE)
Breeze Pellets
Breeze pads ( this coupon was for 1.00 off if you buy both. SO, I paid ALOT for them, but 2.00 off the both of them was better than nothing)
Cat food
Brownies (no coupons.. :( )

I had a gift card for 27.02 and that almost took care of the barbies and cars and cards. (they are not in the picture cause I sent them to my MIL's to hide them)

My total was 227.21 and I paid 55.60 OOP.

For a savings of 171.61

Here is the picture of it all, well except the afore mentioned toys.

and here is a picture of my son trying to steal some ivory to eat. Dont ask me why, but every time he finds a bar of Ivory he tries to eat it...