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Jan 6, 2008

Okay, I had to pick up my digital pictures that I had devoloped. so that made my bill WAY too much!!

But, I did get the pictures for 10 cents each. Thats an average of 5 cents off each picture.

So the math on that would be that I saved .5 cents a picture. OR since I got 294 pics INSTEAD of less than 100. I was able to save even more. The prices go up if you get less than 100 pics. Its 19 cents a pic for 99 or less. and they had a coupon for 10 cents a picture. So sometimes it pays to procrastinate... :)

I had to buy diapers, but they were on sale, 5.99 each
I got 2

and this week the elctrisol tabs are are sale for 3.49, I had a 2.50 off coupon, and there is a 1.50 rebate in this months easy saver catalog. SO, I will be making .51 cents off them. (the .51 is NOT counted in the totals for this month. I will add that to the rebates, which will be used to lower the total on another purchase :) )

Wags is selling alot of their makeup on clearence, which means that if you have coupons, you can get a 7.00 lipstick for less than a buck in many cases.

Thats what I did here:
2 almay lipsticks on sale for 1.89 I had 1.00 off coupons for each. so .89 for lipstick

a Loreal HIP stick eyeshadow, it was on sale for 2.59 I had a 2.00 coupon, so I got it for .59 cents.

And Loreal lipstick, was on sale for 2.59. Another 2.00 coupon. and more lipstick for .59 cents.

I had a 1.00 coupon for sunsilk shampoo. Not a great deal, but they had it on clearence, it was regularly over 5.00, but it was on for 2.29. so a regular sized bottle of shampoo for 1.29.

Also, they had their Christmas stuff on for 75% or more off.
I got the cutest hallmark plush penguin on a sled that sings reg 16.95 for 1.99
and I got some light up reindeer horns that are a headband for 1.49 reg 5.99.

BUt then we came to why I really went (aside from the diapers)
This week Walgreens put their Garnier Fructice shampoo and conditioner on sale, for 2.99. Then in their easy saver book was a 2.00 coupon.
This made them .99 each.
I had 4 coupons for 1.00 off.
while I was picking out my shampoos I saw that there were 5 bottles up there with a 1.00 off peelie coupon.
So when you check out you ring them up, give them your MANUFACTER coupon first, then scan the easy saver book, and voila! you have made a penny on each bottle!!

Now, here are my totals,

Remember I spent 33.38 on pictures, so we were already over my weekly allowence for wags.

BUT here you go.

a check was written for 53.03
I am taking out the 33.38 (you already know how well I did on the pictures)
that means for all of the above items, 4 lipsticks, 10 shampoo or conditioners, 2 Christmas items, Electorsal and Diapers, I spent: 19.65

There was
wag/disc savings 14.70 (this was my discount on the pictures)
Advertised savings 49.70
MFG savings 41.50

For a total of 105.80

so 105.80 worth of merchandise for 53.03. If I could remember simple math I could tell you what my % of savings was. But 4 kids have sucked out all the brain cells I needed for anything more than daily living.

Then I went to walmart, this is where I spend way too much money, because there is no savings card, there is no coupons for meat and its never on sale. BR had called me and asked me to pick up some beef. I looked. and to be honest, I couldnt afford it. Freakin FLANK steak was 4.97 a pound. that is a little bit of meat, scraped off the skin with alot of fat thrown in.
THere was only ONE thing there under 4.00 a pound. It was a Eye of ROund roast, for 3.49 a pound. Cost me 21.96. We cut it up into steak sized peices and I made smothered steak.

Plus, I had to get some tote boxes for Christmas decorations, they were 9.00 and then I got 3 for 5.00

I got 2 packages of frozen Burritos, 2.98 each, I had a 1.00 off coupon WYB2.
I got mouse poison. (the reason I have to get totes, I have a mouse in my shed...)
I got BR some of that foam gap filler 4.67
39 Gallon trash bags (he had been told you can put that foam filler in a trash bag, let it expand and dry and it makes an excelent archery target, it didnt work...I think we need differnt foam) 2.97
I found 4 packages of string loops for our bows on clearence from 3.97 to 1.00 so I got them.
Bows Apple Juice 2.27
A large Great Value Sour cream 2.06
4 packages of oversized push pins on clearence from 1.97 to .25
Mrs Bairds Bread 2 of them for 2.88. I keep no less than 4 loaves in the freezer at all times.
Tortilla's 2.18
2 packages of instant potatoes 1.16 each.
Christmas Cookie Cutters, they were 1.88 and I got them for .45
More baseball page inserts for my coupon book, these were 5.77 (NOT a good deal)
5 avacado's. they said they were .68 cents, on sale for .35, so I saved .33 cents each. (1.65 savings) they were 1.75.
A gallon of Great Value milk 3.94
2 cartons of 18 ct eggs, 2.14 each

I had the coupon for the burritos, so that was a buck off, and I had 2 coupons for the free taters. so that was 2 X 1.16 off.

My total was 98.34.
Like I said, not good.
I sure wish we could eat shampoo....

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