Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jan 2, 08 Not a good day. But better than some

Happy NEW YEAR!!!

Today I went to Walgreens and Walmart. I didnt do great, but did semi decent.

I bought a fusion razor, 8.99 minus a 4.00 newspaper coupon= 4.99 and then got a 3.00 Registar Reward on it.

so that was 5.36 out of pocket. (had a gift card with out 7.00 on it from last year. )

My next transaction was a bunch of junk!

10 rolls wrapping paper @3.99 Bought for 5/$1.00.
3 Mountain Dews on sale for 3.64ea
1 Mountain Dew Voltage on sale for 3.64 and with a 3.64 coupon in the paper if you buy 3 other MT Dew products, so it was free)
I got 4 boxes of cards that the prices ranged on- that I paid
1.49 (they were 75% off)
I bought package tags on clearence for .49 (75% off)
and 5 packages of bows, on clearence for .83, .24, .83, .49and .24 (75% off)

Then I used my 3.00 register reward and spent 19.76 out of pocket.

My wags savings were: 69.71 ( I got 39.99 worth of wrapping paper for 2.00)
manufacture coupons were: 6.34 (their own register rewards, and their Free Voltage WYB3 coupon)

for a total of 76.35

Next was walmart. It wasnt as good, but walmart never is. Since I have a limited supply of places to PM it never really pans out.

6 10pks of kids hangers 1.38ea
Breeze cat litter pad 4.73
Enquierer (cause I can) 3.14
Dry buttermilk 2.98
PB cup 8 pk 1.18 (this was an impulse buy, Reeces PB cups. They are now hidde in my room....)
3 Gallons of milk 3.94ea
3 Dr Pepper (2 liter) .88ea
Bking Soda (for laundry detergant) 2.16
2 Pillsbury cake mixes .88 ea
2 pilsbury brownie mixes 1.34ea (coupon for this)
New phone on clearence. Reg 89.98 bought for 50.00.
cat liter 3.68
3 butter cream icing 1.34ea (coupon for this)
GV veg oil (the big one) 6.68
2 MRs Bairds Bread 2.88ea
40lb deer corn 5.47
2 Rotisorie Chicken 4.98ea
a dozen donuts (I was starving) 2.98
Princess beauty kit REg 10.00 Clearance 2.50
2 Chmas Door matt Reg 3.97 Clearence .99ea
4 bxs sticky gifttags (50per) Reg 2.98 Clearence .70ea
2 Chmas tableclothes was 7.88 Clearence 1.25
2 cans of Chmas Dog treats was 10.00 clearence 2.50ea
1 4pk jewerlyboxes was 2.00 clearence .50
Dog toy was 3.00 clearence .50
Dog toy was 1.00 clearence .25
Dog toy was 5.00 clearence 1.00
Dog toy was 5.00 clearence .50
Table cloth was 2.50 clearence .63
2 mens manicure sets was 10.00 clearence 2.50

I had the 4 coupons mentioned above, totaling 2.50
and they charged me 2.98 for some type of "licensephone..." I called them, they said they would take it off next time I came in. ?? They had no clue as to what it was or why I was charged...

BUt I spent 164.52 out of pocket. and saved through coupons and clearence items 124.72.

Granted I didnt NEED the clearence items. well, the dog treats I did. and the wrapping paper will be used, as will the other Christmas decorations and such, BUT all in all today

I spent 189.65
I saved 206.07

Now, I did buy the razor off my wags GC that I got for transfering a script. There was only about 7.00 left on it.

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