Saturday, December 6, 2008

WHy a blonde should NEVER think on the fly....

Okay, So it was the $5.RR on $25. purchase.
And I didnt even know about it. A friend told me about it, then showed her scenario. So I stole it. Kinda...

So, Yesterday I had less than an hour between Matt's award ceremony and the Funeral I had to go to. So I decided to run by Wags.

My first run I got:

The 3 excederains for 15.00
Nyquil 5.99
Nyquill 5.99
Colgate Toothpaste 2.99

All I had was one 1.00 off coupon for the toothpaste.

I paid

28.97 in cash.

Total savings 9.97

I got back
2.00 RR on the toothpaste
5.00 on the over 25.00 purchase
thats 21.00 back in RR

SO, I turned around and bought:

Reach ultraclean toothbrush 3.00
Another one 3.00
Colgate Total 2.99
Bald guyz gel 4.99
Rimmell Lip liner 3.29
Another one 3.29
6 pencils 1.50
Dentex dental picks 2.99
Another package 2.99
Always infinity 4.99

COupons were:
BOGO toothbrush -3.00
Colgate -1.00
Lipliner on sale (bogo) -3.29
Dentex on sale (bogo) -2.99
pencils -.50
Alwys coupon (prev. RR) -3.00
gve her my
8.00 RR
4.00 RR
5.00 RR
Owed her .12 cents.

Total savings 28.47

THEN, I was running out of time, and had one more order in my basket. Cause My MIL had asked me to bring her and her coworkers a coke before I went to the funeral.

the Glad Bags, 5.99 on sale (80 bags)
Coke CLassic 1.39
2 Dr Peppers 2.35
Reach floss 3.00
Reach floss 3.00
Wags water 24pk 3.99
Wags water 24pk 3.99
Now she had scanned the coupons I had already, so I was trying to do the math She subtotoaled it and it was 21.93 I KNEW I had done 3.00 in coupons. I only needed .07 cents. So I ran and got some gum. I picked up a pack for 1.29 that I like, but a helpful cashier that loves to watch me save said "get the extra, with the coupon it goes to 59 cents!! I cant chew it, but BR can. So I did.
Wrigleys gum 1.19

Coupons used:
Reach floss - 1.00
wags IVC coupon for water 1.00
another one - 1.00
wags gum coupon -.60

Then I gave her:
2.00 colgate RR's
2.00 colgate RR
2.00 colgate RR
5.00 over 25.00 RR

I still had 2 6.00 RR's on the reach, but if I used them I wouldnt get my 6.00 RR from THIS deal. (cant roll RR's on same purchases)

total was now 10.30
gave her my gift card with last months rebates
- 9.89
total out of pocket was 77 cents.
Total savings was
16.38 Plus add in my 9.89 for the GC and it was 26.27 total savings.

Out popped my 6.00 RR and that was it.

SO, I added up everything in my head. I was OVER 25.00.
I was in a hurry and left. Took the cokes to MIL and
THEN I really looked at the reciept. IF you buy 2 sodas the price drops .20 cents.

I had a total of 24.90!! I had forgotten subtotal puts the tax on it, so the .07 was wrong to start with.

I was literly sick to my stomache!! I lost out on 5.00 cause of a .10 cent mistake in MY calculating... Just 6 more pencils, would have cost me a buck, and I would have made 4.00 OR a eyeliner, or SOMETHING!!

OR had I gotten the damn gum I wanted it would have been 10 cents higher.

SO, I screwed myself out of 5.00!!

I left with 64.71 in merchandise
paid 29.86

Still have 12.00 in RR and will get back 5.48 in MIR. But those will count towards another purchase.

I didnt do great, I didnt even do good. But I did do it! LOL

Then today I am sitting in the ER while BR got a IV antibiotic and sorting my coupons. I am bad about taking them out of their pockets and not putting them back, so I decided to take the time to do it while I was waiting on that drip. Plus I had 2 P&G inserts that I needed to cut up and catalog.

In there is 2 1.50 off Nyquill AND a free puffs WYB 2 Nyquills. I could have saved 3.00 AND gotten some free kleenexs!! I am DOUBLE mad now..

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