Thursday, January 22, 2009

I finally got a 0.00 balance on a transaction!

Okay, Here is todays.
January 21st.

I think I did decent.

Started At Brookshires. for those of y'all who aint got no brookshires. They are higher than a cats back. But, I just didnt feel like walmart, and they had a few decent deals. Plus they got a monopoly game goin on right now and I am hoping that Murphy will let me win

2 Kraft Shredded Cheese 2.50 ea
2 Milks 3.99 ea
a small velveeta 4.39
6 uncrustables 4pks 2.50 ea
2 Digorno Pizza's 6.79 ea
4 Yogo's gift packs on clearence .79 ea
1 20oz Dr Pepper
1 big thing of quaker oats (the kind you cook) 2.50
4 bxs instant quaker oats 2.50 ea
2 lays wavy chips 2.99 ea
Nabisco Triscut 2.99
1 Lays Ranch dip 3.79
1 planters peanuts 3.79
1 12 pk of chocolate pudding 3.99
1 12 pk of Dr Pepper
Reduced meat, 7.63
reduced meat 1.03
5 invisible tape with dispencer 5/$1.00
Readers digest 3.99
Can Koozie 4.99
2 4lb bags of oranges 1.99 ea
bananas .59c a lb. 2.64
Bg of apples 3.99


coupons 12.50 (including one that was in their flyer, if you buy 5 quaker products they take off 3.00 and since I had 2.00 in coupons for them it ended up being a good deal.)
Then cause I bought the kraft and the Pizza's I got for free:
Triscuts - 2.99
Peanuts 3.79
Dr Pepper 12 pk 4.39
Velveeta CHeese 4.79
total in 'free stuff' 15.46

SO my total was 89.98 OOP
and I will be getting 3.50 back, because the can koozie was on sale for 1.49. I have to go and get my money

Total savings was 27.96

went to wags.

had ORDERED and traded for skippy coupons, IN TIME to get them. They didnt arrive in the mail...

SO, here is my transactions.

6 extra gum 3/.99
8 skippys 15.92 (on sale for 1.99ea)
I only had 7 coupons for .40 cents off ea.

and a 10.00 RR for last weeks pepsi deal.

Total OOP was 6.16

wag savings 25.19
Mfg coupons 13.72
total saved was 38.91
and I got a 10.00 RR back

3 skippys 1.99 ea
5 Ragu 1.99 ea

no coupons
used 10.00 RR from pepsi last week.

total was 5.92 OOP

wag advertised savings 8.08
Mfg coupon saveings 10.00
total savings 18.08
and I got a 10.00 RR back

3rd and last transaction

2 bags tostitos. 2.50 each
3 12 packs MT dew 3.00 each
2 12 packs diet dew

total was 21.63
gave her 10.00 skippy reward
and the other 10.00 skippy reward

total OOP was NOTHING!!

wags advertised savings was 11.43
Mfg was 20.00
total savings was 31.43

and they gave me a 10.00 RR to use next week :) .

88.42 worth of merchandise
adn I spent
12.08 Out of pocket

and everything was FOOD!! that makes it 1000 times better. getting razors for free is great, and I aint gona complain, but getting actual FOOD for free... thats just beyond awesome.

The totals for the day are

Merchandise: 218.44

Saved: 116.38

Total out of pocket: 102.06 Plus I will get back 3.50 of that.. so $98.56


Karen said...

I am sooooo impressed. I haven't managed to get a true $0 transaction yet... but I'm not giving up yet!

Tara said...

Awesome! I'm impressed too, I have no hope of ever doing it though. Mine wont take RR's towards any tax and I have to pay tax on before coupon total.

Anonymous said...

Very good! And I too live in the land of no double coupons and not so hot sales. I had no idea that TX and IL were that close. LOL